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TAM Siliwangi

Toyata Astra Motor – Car Showroom, Service Workshop & Office, located in Jalan Siliwangi, Semarang

Strategically situated at Jalan Siliwangi, Nasmoco Toyota Astra Motor is one of the flagship showrooms owned by Nasmoco. In addition to functioning as a showroom, the building serves as a repair shop, spare parts store and office.

This building is a series of several similar buildings we designed, in addition to complying with the needs of Nasmoco Group to serve its customers and a representation of the image new of Nasmoco Group.

By directing the designer layout to the TAM specified standards and highlighting effectiveness, efficiency of operation and maintenance, the building boasts high performance to reach the imposed targets in the future.

Reinforced by a facade that reflects the spirit of modernity, the inspiration of auto ergonomic lines of the business group core was adapted, so as to create synergies between the building and the business activities of Nasmoco Group.

We created conical-shaped accents on the delivery zone. The conical shape is believed to be a form of perfection.

In terms of function, in addition to a showroom to showcase the latest cars manufactured by Toyota, the building will have a workshop with a capacity of 24 stalls, and can simultaneously accommodate readily marketed car stock.

In addition to these functions, the group also situates Andalan Finance Office on this site, which is a subsidiary of the group. Accordingly, the design approach will be a unity with the main building as mentioned above.


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